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The Fletcher Granite Company introduces its complete line of craftsmanship quality, locally sourced landscaping products. Join other landscape developers and general contractors who are experiencing discounted pricing by buying direct from the manufacturer. Since 1881, Fletcher Granite has pioneered and created a revolution in granite landscaping products.

Mail Box Posts
We offer a selection of granite Mail Box posts that will accent your property. Engraving is possible.
Fire Pits
Let us help you find the right Fire Pit. Our design team will help you select the size and products to build a lasting landscape memory.
Granite Benches
Take your garden one step further with a classic, contemporary Granite Bench. Our natural stone benches offer a timeless look to any landscape.
Lamp Posts
Our Granite Lamp Posts are a great outdoor living option for any driveway, landscape or lawn project. It can also be tailored with a post cap of your choice.
Cobble Stones
When planning a building project, there are many reasons you should use granite cobblestone pavers. Learn about our fantastic natural stone materials today!
Bird Baths
See the garden through rose colored glasses with our granite rough bird baths. Our classic shapes and rough textures are sure to bring interest to your property.
Steps and stairs
Granite Steps are a staple of many homes. Fletcher Granite Steps are durable and ideal for any patio or walkway. We offer radius and straight steps.
Granite Pavers
Fletcher Granite ® Pavers are cut from natural stone granite, creating a naturally strong and beautiful pavement. With a hard wearing surface
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