A HISTORY OF Fletcher Granite

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A tradition since 1881 – few companies can match the enduring legacy of Fletcher Granite in providing granite building products for such a wide range of applications.


Developing ways to use granite as well as technology to bring it to the project within budget.


From project inception, designers have always relied on Fletcher to provide insight into the use of granite for their projects. From pricing to value engineering, we consistently support the design community.

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For over 130 years, Fletcher Granite Company has been a recognized leader in quarrying and fabrication of fine granite products. Renowned for our tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, we have experience in every type of project – from bridges, to public parks, highway projects, and of course, curbing.
From the columns of the Treasury Building to the Federal Judiciary Building in Washington, D.C. to the Quincy Market buildings at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. Fletcher Granite has a long history of demonstrating our commitment to quality through tradition.


From the quarry to the finished product, Fletcher offers the control efficiency unique to quarrier/fabricators, including shop drawing coordination.

At Fletcher Granite, quality begins with our experience in consulting with project designers to suggest cost efficient solutions for your project. And our commitment to quality continues throughout fabrication. Today, we provide granite faster, more-efficiently and more affordably than ever before. Additionally, our state-of-the-art computer equipment enables us to track the progress of your job through to successful completion of the project.

Fletcher Granite has been instrumental in the building of America’s infrastructure, supplying granite for the construction of many of the nation’s notable bridges and highways. Fletcher Granite has a long history of educating, innovating and furthering the use of granite products. Its mission is simple – provide the best building product with all the necessary expertise, as efficiently as possible.


Fletcher Granite has been at the forefront of granite fabrication.

  • 1948 — Develops first quarry wire saw and ten wire saw for production of curb slab directly in the quarry
  • 1950 — Works with Park Tool Company to develop first straight splitter to produce curb
  • 1965 — Develops a joint cutting saw for straight curb
  • 1970 — Develops a lifting pin for quarrying blocks and curb slabs
  • 1972 — Invents first splitter to split radius curb
  • 1973 — Develops saw to produce inlets
  • 1993 — Developed a high pressure, environmentally safe, water jet for extracting blocks from the quarry
  • 2000 — Develops splitter for tight radius curb
  • 2004 — Develops multi-diamond wire quarry saw for the production of curbing slab directly in the quarry
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